Beck & Benedict Hardware

Established in business 120 years ago in downtown Waynesboro on Main Street.

The current owners since 1984, Dick & Della Boschert, moved the business in 2000 to the current location 118 Walnut Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268, where they offered complete hardware bluegrass and an antique shop.

The Boschert family has decided to retire and this will be the liquidation of their hardware store.

While they have been in business, they not only had a hardware store, but supplied Blue Grass music to the community on Friday nights.

The liquidation will not only have hardware and antiques/collectibles but string instruments: antique guitars, zithers, fiddles-3/4 & full, banjo parts, mandolins, auto harps & a uke.

Hardware:: nails, bolts, screws, chain, locks & keys, nuts, washers, hog rings, etc.

Tools: drill bits, saws, shovels, hammers, wrenches, saw blades, sledge hammers, wrecking bar, snow shovels & pushers, ice scrapers, etc.

Housewares: baking sheets, canners, roasters, pizza pans, toaster, mixer, etc.

Plumbing: Deepwell pressure tank, shallow well pump, pipes, connectors, etc.

Seeds & seed bins: Bush lima beans, Fordhook limas, Yellow wax beans, Pendergreen bush green beans, Blue Lake, bush beans, Stringless green pod bush bean, Progress #9 Early peas, Sugan Ann peas, Silver Queen sweet corn, Incredible Hybrid yellow sweet corn, Stuttgarter onion sets, Bottle onions, white onions, yellow onions, white onions

Misc: Ammo, paint & mixer, Ice Melt, stove pipe & elbows, store wrapping paper, chairs: folding & straight, rockers, caned, stools, insect sprays, spray paints, glue, WD40, caulk, plastic sheeting, weather strips, finger jointed wooden boxes, ropes, canning jars, barbed wire, dow rods, thread rods, hitch pins, fuel cans, pad locks, key cutting machine & blanks, lanterns, smudge pots, numbers & letters, snow fence, rodent traps, lighted sign, galvanized trash cans-buckets-wash tub, assorted paper bags, tap & dies, hose clamps, electrical supplies,

Antique Detroit Auto Scale 38"H

Fixtures: wooden custom made hardware cabinets, hardware sales counters w/storage underneath, glass front display cases, wooden display tables, pegboard displays, shelving, slat wall displays, baker's rack, drop front desk, magazine racks 5'H, approx 150 knobbed drawer/bins-assorted sizes, Antique glass front display case-8'W, two 14' benches,

AND MUCH MUCH MORE, Thanks for your years of patronage