Special Assets Division, will analyze assigned accounts in order to identify equipment and then recommend and implement cost-effective solutions; needed to protect the lender's interest and obtain, analyze and documenting same within the files.

Responsibilities include formulating and proposing structures in standard format; monitoring assigned portfolio and maintaining current information within files; conducting, documenting and site visits to review operational status of collateral, identifying potential problems/needed repairs and quantifying liquidation/recovery probabilities as well as monitoring status to effect recovery from non-responsive or bankruptcy protected borrowers. Will monitor foreclosure actions where liquidation of collateral is deemed necessary to effect loan reduction/repayment; recommend and prepare approvals for complete charge-offs; participate in periodic portfolio review discussions with lender management and Watch Committee; exercise best efforts to collect charge-off credits and special projects as identified and assigned by management.

Special Assets may include personal property, boats, automobiles, farm equipment, commerical business equipment, commerical inventory, etc




Real-estate owned by the lender, generally because they have foreclosed on the property or obtained the property through a deed in lieu of foreclosure.
When the lender takes ownership of the property, either through an agreement with the owner during pre-foreclosure. These are also known as bank-owned or REO properties (Real Estate Owned by the lender).


Other Real Estate Owned by institutions. Sometimes used to refer to foreclosure properties but can refer to branch offices, etc. owned by the bank.

Liquidation of the properties can be handled efficiently and effectively by the auction marketing method.



Our appraisers
use value definitions, document conditions, and explain approaches to value in the detailed report you receive.



We have a proven track record on the marketing and selling of real estate by auction, whether it be residential, farms and lands or commercial buildings.



When it comes to raising money for charity, nothing is better than a well organized dinner auction. Several staff members enjoy this venue of helping the community. According to national polls over $16billion was raised in 2006 at Charity/Benefit Auctions. This takes talent, patience and a checklist to avoid pitfalls; which we provide when you hire a Benefit Auction Professional.