Participation Agreement for Cooperating Brokers

  1. In order to register your client, you will need to complete our registration form. This form must be completed in full, in a legible manner, and must be signed and dated by both prospective buyer and the broker/agent.
    This form must be returned to our office at least 24 hours prior to the auction.
  2. Stouffer’s Auction requires the broker/agent to personally accompany their client to the auction, unless the auction is conducted "online only"'.
  3. Stouffer’s Auction will write the purchase agreement on a
    sales contract, noting the broker/agent name.
  4. Professionally assist your client by providing relevant advice and property information.
  5. The seller shall pay the broker upon a successful settlement.
  6. Your client offers a reasonable market value opening bid of ________________________. ( if this is left blank we will not consider this a valid agreement)

    _______________________________ Broker/Agent (please print)

    _______________________________ Client(s) (please print)

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Property Address_______________________________________________________________
Name of Buyer’s Agent_____________________________________

Brokerage Name__________________________________________

Agent’s Office Telephone___________________________________

Name of Client___________________________________________

Address of Client_________________________________________


Client Tel.Number________________________________________

I am representing my client, the Buyer, and not the Seller. Further, I shall hold harmless and indemnify Stouffer’s Auction & Real Estate Co., and the Seller from any and all claims, costs, or expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which may arise out of any actions or inaction’s or representations made by me in connection with the sale of this property.



Buyer’s Agent Signature Date

Bidder(s) Signature Date

Bidder(s) Signature Date

Seller(s) Signature Date

Seller(s) Signature Date

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